Warranty will only be applicable if the invoice issued by Shaya & Azar Co. SAL is presented.

Warranty means repair of the product free of charge and not exchange.

Shaya & Azar Co. SAL will repair free of charge any defects due to defective materials or workmanship only, and after being inspected with the authorized technician at the company. 

In case the customer can’t get the product to be inspected at the company, he/she should send it to our company’s address stated in the website after sending an email explaining what the problem is.

Warranty does not cover misuse or excessive wear and tear.

Warranty does not cover accessories that have been used.

Warranty does not apply when repairs have been attempted by a person other than Shaya & Azar Co. SAL’ s authorized person.

Warranty on Power Tools does not apply if the tool has been exposed to:

-    Extreme impacts or drops
-    Ingestion of foreign objects (i.e.  Nails, screws ... etc)
-    Using tool for non-intended application
-    Any modification to the tool
-    Prolonged exposure to the extreme weather conditions
-    Wrong voltage
-    Using incorrect accessories or attachments
-    Lack of recommended service (especially hammers)
-    Use of incorrect grease
-    Not repaired with the brand’s genuine parts

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